Travelling Pants
When dreamers minds collide....

Bringing wild hearted bohemian souls and dust loving country drifters together in full force with a trend shattering blend, designers Lacey (of BWC) and Morgan (Immokalee designs), spun pure magic and nostalgia through the threads of these bells, reminiscent of a time when festivals were born, and carefree spirit reigned. 
The spark for this flame was lit (so fortuitously) under the shelter of a bell tent pitched in the light of the moon and stars on a cool Queensland winter night. If you’ve ever had a conversation with a creative dreamer, you know it is never short or dull, rather a kaleidoscope of passion, colour and endless possibility.....

So when these two fashion savvy, boss babe, bohemian souls began to share their visions for all things life, love and business, the match was struck, the spark lit, a the flame came alive. The flared pant style had always been a signature styling piece for Buck Wild Country, and the opportunity to collaborate with Immokalee to design their very own would not be left behind or lost under the stars that night. 

With the sweetness of wild western honey and retro gypsy flair, designs were brought to life, the pants were sampled, altered and sent back and forth countless times across our great south land to ensure the perfect fit. So many journeys from sandy coast to dusty outback were made, they soon earned themselves the affectionate title of “the travelling pants” by their makers.

Take a little bad weather, flat tyres, newborn babes and Covid 19, and you’ll have just a handful of the challenges overcome to fasten the very last stitch and capture that ace shot of the show stopping bells.

Now three years, two babies, one pandemic, a thousand wild dreamers wishes and a whole lot of creative magic later the Travelling Pants are here. They didn’t come easy, but with burning vision and unrelenting spirit they have emerged. They’ve travelled far and wide, wearing the lingering touch of creative hands and unwavering passion to bring you that home grown, Australian designed and made, undying Woodstock style. And they are groovy baby.

So let me tell you about the girl in the paisley print bells...
The one dances on the beams of disco balls under a full moon, her every step drops like a bass guitar strumming it’s moody summer song, echoing under the balmy night sky. 

With braids in that sandy mane she tumbles slow, steady and full of intention like the tide. She doesn’t ask what her place is but she will show you as she takes it over and over again - but you won’t even mind. Just don’t expect her to stay there for too long, those gypsy feet keep moving to their own beat, from one song to the next... and she ain’t slowing down for nobody.
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